Serco chief exec’s actions ‘totally irresponsible’

08.42 | 7 May 2009 |

Road Safety GB has described the actions of Tom Riall, chief executive of Serco, as ‘totally irresponsible’.

Mr Riall, who heads up the UK’s largest safety camera company, has been banned from driving for six months after being caught driving at 102mph on the A14 in Suffolk.

James Gibson, Road Safety GB’s press and PR officer, (pictured below) said: “Driving at more than 100mph in a 70mph zone is totally irresponsible and has potentially fatal consequences.
“Speed limits are an upper limit and road users should always be driving according to the conditions they are facing at the time.

"Modern cars can be quiet and comfortable even when travelling at speed, therefore it is essential for every driver to concentrate fully on the task of driving and this includes observing speed limits.
“Road Safety GB hopes that this case highlights the dangers posed by excessive speed."

Click here to read the full Road Safety GB news release.


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