Skilling up for winter driving

12.00 | 19 October 2012 |

With winter just around the corner, Drive-Tech is offering skid control courses to help drivers cope with the adverse driving conditions that the worsening weather will bring.

The outdoor driving company, which has been established for 25 years, is running the courses at the Castle Combe Circuit in Wiltshire. Using skilled instructors, the courses teach drivers how to control and recover from different types of skids in rear and front wheel drive cars and with different braking systems.

Jayne Cooper, Drive-Tech director, says: “Although the roads are wet and dangerous now, many accidents happen with the first signs of ice and snow.

“Most people are surprised at how much fun the skid courses can be and we get a lot of bookings from parents who want to do that something extra to make sure that their children have all the skills to keep themselves safe.”

The courses last approximately three hours and are held on most weekends and some Friday afternoons.

Click here or call 01249 783010 for more information, or to book a course.


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