‘Smart’ cameras focus on driver distractions

13.48 | 5 April 2009 |

Greater Manchester Police has launched a campaign, using Smart cars and CCTV cameras, to deal with the problem of driver distraction.

During the last two years there have been 406 collisions in Greater Manchester which could be attributed to drivers being distracted – and in 51 of these the use of a mobile phone was recorded on the accident report as being a significant factor.

The Smart cars are fitted with a high quality camera on an extendable mast. Use of these high profile vehicles is designed to increase driver awareness, act as a deterrent and improve public safety.

Karen Delaney, communications officer at Drivesafe, says: “Many vehicles are now better equipped than most peoples’ offices or homes, with the latest technology in satellite navigation, telecommunications and state-of-the-art music systems all to hand.

“Add in other distractions such as complex dashboard instrumentation, a hot cup of coffee and conversation with other vehicle occupants and it is no wonder that some drivers are not paying attention.

“We may feel safer in vehicles that are better built than ever before, but the driver is still responsible for road safety and must concentrate fully on driving.“

For further information contact Karen Delaney on 0161 856 9969.


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