Smart Route project targets primary/secondary transition

12.00 | 16 August 2013 |

Swindon’s road safety team has developed a suite of resources to promote ‘safer and smarter journeys’ for pupils who are making the transition from primary to secondary school.

This phase of a young person’s life is significant in terms of travel and road safety. Moving to secondary school can often involve longer journeys; students are more likely to make these journeys on their own; and pedestrian casualties peak in the 11-13 years age group.

As well as covering safety issues, Swindon’s ‘Smart Route’ project encourages positive behaviour change in terms of increasing active and independent travel.

The Smart Route website includes information about walking, cycling, public transport and sustainable car use for young people. It also hosts a blog for School Travel Ambassador teams, and carries resources and information for parents and teachers.

Smart Route also includes a film, ‘Getting There’, to open up discussion about the journey to school. A range of teaching resources and lesson plans for teachers/tutors to use independently are also under development.

Margaret Tester, Swindon’s road safety manager, said: “The next phase of the project is the development of a set of travel guides – one for each secondary school. Printed versions will be distributed to Year 6 pupils at induction, and PDF versions will be available for download from the individual school websites and the Smart Route site.”

Contact Margaret Tester on 01793 466399 for more information.


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