Someone’s Son enters new phase

15.12 | 26 September 2011 |

Road safety partnerships in Humber and Yorkshire are asking bikers to befriend a driver as part of the latest phase of the Someone’s Son campaign.

Flyers with space for a rider profile are being distributed in Motorcycle News and can be downloaded from the Someone’s son website and facebook page. Riders are being invited to fill in their profile and display them at the office, gym or even down the pub.

Guides for riders and drivers have also been produced and radio adverts are being played across the region to raise drivers’ awareness.

This wave of activity comes in response to recent research revealing that drivers who know a biker are less likely to be involved in a collision with a motorcycle.

Dave Glanville, West Yorkshire PTW casualty reduction officer, said: “We know there are long standing issues with drivers not seeing or perceiving bikes so this campaign is aiming to improve this.

“There are things riders and drivers can do to help reduce the number of bike/car collisions. We’re hoping that by understanding the issues each has, we can build a better relationship between bikers and drivers out on the roads – leading to fewer casualties.”

Ruth Gore, spokesperson for Safer Roads Humber, said: “There are some aspects of rider behaviour that drivers don’t understand and the same is true about how some riders perceive the behaviour of drivers. We have produced the riders and drivers guides to clear up some of the misconceptions these two road user groups have about one another.

“Through this campaign we are hoping to remind drivers that riders are people just like them, trying to get to their destination safely. Our overriding message is to drive and ride safely and keep looking out for each other.”

A key part of the campaign is highlighting that riders are not unidentifiable humans hidden away under a crash helmet and riding gear but are people with family and friends.

Click here to visit the Someone’s Son website, or for more information contact Dave Glanville on 0113 2475804 or Ruth Gore on 01482 391458.


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