SoRSA membership now open to all road safety professionals

11.54 | 22 December 2010 |

As part of a move to establish a formal accreditation process for road safety auditors, membership of the Society for Road Safety Auditors (SoRSA) has been opened up to everyone working in road safety and road safety audit.

CIHT has made the decision to open up SoRSA membership to non-CIHT members as part of a move to fulfil the requirements of the EU infrastructure directive.

Those involved in road safety and road safety audit who do not wish to have formal membership of CIHT can now join SoRSA direct by paying a one off application fee, followed by an annual subscription. Individuals taking this route and passing the competence appraisal will be awarded a SoRSA post-nominals.

The MSoRSA membership appraisal process currently validates auditors with appropriate auditing experience as sufficiently qualified to meet the requirements of HD19/03. This allows them to undertake audits on the HA’s motorway and trunk road network, and the TERN network – the specified network in the EU Directive.

John Smart, CIHT director of professional & business development, said: “The industry is still awaiting formal confirmation from the DfT, HA and the other overseeing organisations on how they intend to administer an auditor accreditation process.

"Whatever changes are made to the current requirements to audit, SoRSA will update its own competence appraisal process to continue to ensure that SoRSA members are sufficiently qualified and vetted to work on the TERN network in line with the requirements of the Directive.”

To apply for membership of SoRSA contact the CIHT membership department.


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