Speeding motorists fund young driver safety course

12.00 | 17 October 2014 |

A proportion of the fees paid by motorists attending speed awareness courses organised by TTC Group is being used to help to pay for road safety education for the next generation of drivers.

The TTC Group, which educates more than 300,000 motorists, cyclists, fleet and van drivers nationwide, is supporting the WiseDrive – Drive for Life initiative.

WiseDrive is being staged throughout October 2014 by the County Durham and Darlington Road Safety Partnership. More than 2,000 young people aged 15-16 years will participate this year, bringing the total number of participants to more than 12,000 since WiseDrive was first launched in 2001.

WiseDrive is designed to illustrate how speed, distractions, not wearing a seatbelt, drink and drugs – dubbed “the fatal four” – lead to a high number of young deaths on the road. The TTC Group is delivering courses at the event on the hazards of speeding, with participants able to test their reaction times on a driving simulator.

Chief constable Mike Barton, Durham Police, said: "This event is being funded by speeding motorists who have attended speed awareness courses.”

Ian Bint, regional manager for the TTC Group, said: “WiseDrive is an important initiative aimed at improving road safety among young drivers who are too often involved in road traffic collisions.

“This free to attend event is a real opportunity for young drivers to learn about some of the main risks faced by road users and develop a safe driving approach.”

”We are always happy to support such initiatives which contribute to safer roads.”


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