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07.11 | 8 July 2020 |

As lockdown eases, the Road Safety Trust is encouraging motorists to be vigilant and observe the rules of the road.

Latest Government figures show that by the end of June, traffic had reached approximately 80% of pre-lockdown levels – compared to around 40% in April.

As drivers return to the roads, the Road Safety Trust is highlighting the importance of safe driving – particularly in regards to speeding.

Speeding has been a prevalent issue during lockdown – with a significant number of police forces detecting offenders at speeds in excess of 100mph during the first three weeks of lockdown.

The Road Safety Trust is also encouraging drivers to remain vigilant – with more cyclists, pedestrians and now e-scooters on the roads.

Sally Lines, CEO of the Road Safety Trust, said: “With a new sense of normality starting and many people returning to work, make sure that you are still obeying the rules of the road.

“Every day five people are killed on UK roads. Speeding is a major cause of crashes and a criminal offence, punishable by prosecution with points to your licence or a fine.

“Drivers need to remain extra vigilant, the usage of the roads may have changed since the beginning of lockdown, with new cycle lanes being introduced to many cities.

“Additionally, active travel is being encouraged by the Government so there will be more cyclists, pedestrians and now e-scooters on the roads.

“Don’t be afraid to stand up for slowing down. Kill your speed, don’t let your speed kill you.”



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