Steve Stradling to retire

13.55 | 27 November 2009 |

Steve Stradling will be retiring as professor of transport psychology at Edinburgh Napier University at the end of 2009.
Steve was part of the Driver Behaviour Group at Manchester University in the 1990s which distinguished between violations, errors and lapses – and concluded that it was the kinds of drivers who committed traffic violations, not those who scored high on errors or lapses, who were more likely to be collision-involved.
He recently supervised PhD theses by Dr Paul Broughton on the attractions and perils of powered two wheeler use, and by Dr Neale Kinnear on young, novice drivers and their failure to feel the fear in hazardous situations. 
Steve has been an ardent supporter of Speed Awareness Courses and other driver remediations, believing that "these drivers need help".
He served as a member of the Scottish transport minister’s Expert Group on Road Safety Strategy in Scotland for 2020 and also undertook work for DfT and Scottish Government on modal shift and our love affair with the car. At this year’s Scottish Transport Awards he received an award for Outstanding Contribution to Transport Research in Scotland.
Steve intends to continue with research and consultancy work, serving on working parties and steering groups, and "pontificating at conferences" with his entertaining and stimulating presentations.


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