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12.00 | 25 September 2012 |

Children and School Crossing Patrol Staff across region are being put at risk of death or injury by aggressive drivers who fail to stop when the Stop sign is displayed.  This campaign, which is being promoted on the back of 100 buses travelling around the region, aims to remind all drivers of the potential seriousness of their actions.

Drivers are legally obliged to obey the School Crossing Patrol Sign under the Road Traffic Act 1988. The law states that as soon as a patrol raises their sign, even if they have not stepped into the road, drivers must be prepared to stop. Once the School Crossing Patrol is in the road displaying the sign, drivers MUST stop, and not proceed until the School Crossing Patrol and any accompanying children have cleared the road. Anyone who is reported for not stopping will likely be prosecuted and could face a fine of up to £1,000 and three penalty points on their driving license.  In addition, they may have the injury or death of a child or School Crossing Patrol on their conscience.

Paul Watson, Chairman of Road Safety GB North East said “School Crossing Patrols provide an invaluable service, escorting children and adults across busy roads to school safely.  Drivers who put the lives of children or patrols at risk must be dealt with, and will be reported to the Police”

Paul went on to say, “Our School Crossing Patrol staff do a marvellous job in all weather conditions, and the verbal abuse and intimidation they suffer is unbelievable.  We have even had some staff assaulted, for simply doing their job.   Of course, any such incidents are reported to the Police”

Alan Kennedy, National Chairman or Road Safety GB gives the campaign his full support.  He said, “Thankfully, the majority of drivers in the region are courteous and stop when requested to, but it is vital that each and every driver complies with the law to ensure we keep our children, and our excellent and dedicated staff safe”

The campaign also includes posters that can be downloaded free from this website for use as additional information in range of locations including schools, hospitals, Doctor’s surgeries, and libraries.

The posters and leaflets can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

School Crossing Patrol Signals Poster 1 (jpg)

School Crossing Patrol Signals Poster 2 (jpg)

School Crossing Patrol Signals Poster 3 (jpg)



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