Stunt bikers convey drink and drive message

14.55 | 31 July 2009 |

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership staged a stunt biker event at a youth festival as part of its summer drink drive campaign.

The event – at the alcohol free Cambourne Youth Fest – featured international stunt bikers from Finland, who abstain from drinking alcohol before and on the day of an event due to their need for quick reactions.

Phil Rennie, RSO, said: “Young male drivers are significantly over represented in drink drive figures across the county. 

“When skilled stunt bikers don’t even touch alcohol the night before an event for fear of slowing their reactions, our message is to drive without being under the influence of alcohol. There is never a time nor place for consuming alcohol when you are, or intend to be, in control of any vehicle.”

For further information contact Phil Rennie on 01480 375 105.


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