Summer drink/drug figures down – except for young drivers

11.25 | 4 August 2010 |

While the overall number of drivers over the alcohol limit has reduced, offending by younger drivers has increased, according to figures released today (4/8/10) by ACPO.

Overall the percentage of drivers found to be over the legal alcohol limit in the Association of Chief Police Officers’ drink and drug summer campaign has reduced, compared with last year.

However, offending by under 25 year olds rose from 5.9% in 2009 to 6.4% this year.

The ACPO figures show that of the 100,853 people tested, 5.6% tested positive or refused a breath test, compared with 5.8% in the 2009 campaign.

The number of people who failed a field impairment test, checking for drug use, fell from one third in 2009 to 22.3% this year.

Mick Giannasi, ACPO lead on roads policing, said: “While it is pleasing to see that the number of reported collisions was down on last year, alcohol continues to be a major cause of death and injury on our roads."

For more information contact Sharon Williams, ACPO press officer, on 020 7084 8948.


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