Summer drive-drive blitz

11.45 | 30 June 2009 |

Officers from Cumbria Constabulary will be targeting drivers under the influence of drink and drugs as part of a nationwide campaign this summer.

As the weather gets warmer and the lighter nights set in, research shows that people tend to drink more alcohol as they are drawn to rural pubs and beer gardens. This can often lead to the temptation to drive whilst under the influence.
To tackle this problem, and to stop people from driving after they have consumed alcohol or drugs, officers will continue their zero-tolerance approach and will increase their use of breath tests and stop checks throughout the month of June.
Officers will also use a Bluetooth device that sends an anti-drink driving message to a large number of mobile phones simultaneously, near to busy town centre nightspots, pubs and restaurants across the county.
In Cumbria, 13 arrests are made per week on average for drink driving offences in the summer – this equates to two arrests per day. During last year’s campaign, officers made 49 arrests compared to 81 arrests made in 2007.


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