TfL launches series of new campaigns

12.00 | 29 October 2013 |

Transport for London (TfL) has launched four new campaigns targeting pedestrians, drivers and motorcyclists.

The campaigns form part of TfL’s road safety plan which was launched earlier this year.

The first campaign (opposite) targets teenage pedestrians who are being urged to follow the advice in the campaign strapline: ‘Stop. Think. Live.’ Three posters, aimed at 11-to-14-year-olds, alert teens to the consequences of not paying attention, or being distracted, when near to or using roads. Each poster features a young person that has been killed in a road collision after being distracted by a mobile phone or MP3 player.

The motorcyclists’ campaign calls on riders to think about how fast they ride, particularly when making decisions about whether to increase their speed, for example when overtaking. Riders are also being invited to exchange safety tips on topics such as protective clothing, via TfL’s social media platforms.

The third campaign comprises a new series of ads at junctions across London which remind motorists to look before turning. By encouraging motorists to be on the lookout at junctions, it is hoped that the campaign will reduce the number of avoidable collisions where a motorist crosses the path of a cyclist or motorcyclist.

The final campaign (below) encourages older pedestrians to use pedestrian crossings, thereby allowing them to cross with more time and more safely – particularly important for people who are less mobile.

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