THINK! festive drink-drive campaign seeks help of ‘mates’

10.23 | 3 December 2018 |

THINK! will launch its annual festive drink-drive campaign week commencing 10 December – aiming to encourage young men to step in if their mate is tempted to drink and drive.

THINK! was established in 2000 as the Government’s designated road safety campaign and has become recognised internationally for its ‘iconic and groundbreaking’ campaigns that have challenged dangerous behaviours on Britain’s roads.

In a presentation delivered last week at the 2018 National Road Safety Conference, the THINK! team outlined how the campaign has been shaped by peer-led research to help understand how young men aged 17-24 years think and act with their friends.

The presentation explained how messages to ‘thrill seekers’ go in one ear and out of the other, and how the ‘herd mentality’ shapes views of what driving means to this group.

The new creative strategy sets out to deliver the message that ‘mates matter’, and ‘good mates have your back and set the codes’.

The 2018 festive campaign runs with the strapline ‘a mate doesn’t let a mate drink drive’, and features three new videos showing young men going out their way to look out for each other.

The campaign will run on social media and online video platforms in the run up to Christmas.

THINK! says ‘mates’ are highly influential in young people’s lives and, through the campaign, is setting out to harness this influence in a bid to tackle drink drivers – at the time of year when social drinking peaks.

The campaign deploys humour to encourage young men to step in – with research showing many young men feel awkward about intervening when a mate is intending to drive after drinking.

Get involved
THINK! is encouraging road safety teams across the country to get involved and help spark a conversation on drink-driving.

Campaign materials will be available to download via the THINK! website which was re-launched earlier this year.



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