THINK! publishes road safety calendar

10.41 | 18 July 2011 |

The THINK! team has published a national road safety communications activity calendar to enable road safety professionals to co-ordinate local communications activity with national and regional campaigns.

The calendar, which is now live on the THINK! RSP (road safety professional) website, shows road safety communications activity planned by THINK! and ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) for delivery during 2011-13. It has been created to enable road safety professionals to coordinate local communications activity with national campaigns, as well as with regional partners.

While the calendar shows timings for key campaigns, other road safety communications activity is also in development or live. For example, the THINK! team is currently planning partnership marketing activity across several campaigns including motorcycling and drink driving and is also developing plans to target young drivers.

Campaigns and dates on the calendar are provisional and subject to change. RSOs who are planning communications activity to coordinate with timings set out in the calendar are advised to contact THINK! or ACPO to check that timings have been confirmed.

Click here to view the calendar online, or for more information contact Lucy Jewitt in the THINK! team.


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