THINK! relaunches Country Roads campaign

18.55 | 20 January 2018 |

The THINK! team has relaunched its ‘Country Roads’ campaign which will run for four weeks from Monday 22 January.

The campaign warns drivers of the dangers of driving on country roads, and encourages them to slow down by braking before the bend, not on it.

The campaign primarily targets drivers aged 25-34 years and evaluation showed that this age group did reduce speed into bends following the 2015 campaign.

59% of all road fatalities occur on country roads and in 2015 some 10,307 people were killed or seriously injured on country roads in Great Britain. The number of people killed on country roads is 10 times higher than on motorways.

The ‘If you could see’ film (above), which will run in cinema and online, uses 3D scanning technology to allow viewers to see through the bends on a country road and spot the hazards ahead. 

The campaign radio advert mimics a wildlife documentary to highlight that the trees and bushes that line country roads hide not only harmless animals, but also potential hazards.

The ‘Helpful Hazards’ film takes common countryside sights – including farm animals and agricultural equipment – and turns them into messengers, warning drivers of the potential hazards on country roads.

The 2017 campaign will also feature new social media content which will be available from w/comm 29 January.

The Helpful Hazards film and radio advert can viewed and listened to on the THINK! website.



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