THINK! ‘Spilt Drink’ posters available now

12.30 | 23 March 2009 |

The THINK! team has launched a new series of drink drive posters for 2009.

The poster supports the current THINK! ‘personal consequences’ campaign, but differs significantly from the current posters and communicates with a wider audience than the ‘Moment of Doubt’ creative.

The poster shows a treasured photograph ruined by a split drink. The message is: ‘Driving ban. Substantial fine. Criminal record. Don’t let that drink ruin your…’ There are four versions of the poster for use throughout the year.

The ‘Spilt Pint’ posters are available to order now from the THINK! catalogue:

Career – TINF1282,1281,1280

Christmas – 1268,1269,1270

Relationship – TINF 1274,1275,1276

Summer – 1277,1278,1279

For further information contact on 020 7944 4338


16 February 2009


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