Thurrock pupils learn importance of being bright and seen

09.23 | 30 November 2017 |

A scheme in Essex is helping primary school pupils recognise the importance of ‘being bright’ and ‘being seen’, especially during the winter months.

Organised by Thurrock Council, the ‘Twilight Trails’ initiative educates Year 3 pupils, in a fun and interactive way, why it is important to wear fluorescent and reflective clothing to ensure that they are visible to other road users.

The initiative takes place after school has finished – around ‘twilight time’ – and involves a five minute talk during which parents and children are told why it’s important to be seen by drivers and other road users.

The children are encouraged to wear reflective and fluorescent clothing and bags, and are taught the difference between the two types of materials.

Reflective and fluorescent items such as road signs, lights and material are then placed around the school and children are asked to find them using torches, and then identify them as either fluorescent or reflective.

At the end of the lesson children are given a fluorescent and reflective bag containing stickers and pencils and a ‘Be Bright Be Seen’ leaflet.

Twilight Trails has been running for six years and during November and December 2017, Thurrock Council’s road safety team is taking the initiative to 16 schools in the area.

The photo at the top of the page shows road safety trainer Leah Tibble talking to pupils and parents at a recent Twilight Trail at Kennington Primary School in Aveley.



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