Time Bank success

10.07 | 7 August 2009 |

Oxfordshire’s road safety team has successfully used the Road Safety Time Bank to help with two areas of concern highlighted in a DfT health check.

Young drivers (18-25 years) and motorcyclists were high in casualty statistics and Mandy Rigault, senior RSO, put out a request for information on what other road safety teams were doing.

She said: “More than 30 authorities have contacted me, which is a fantastic response. People have been very generous in sharing their time and experience, and in some cases their materials, and I have invitations to go and see programmes running all over the UK.

“Sharing experience like this is incredibly helpful. I have learned something from each person I’ve talked to, both ‘dos and don’ts’. None of this would have been possible – at least not without a huge number of phone calls or e-mails – without the Time Bank.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my Time Bank colleagues for the information and sense of community this has engendered.”
For further information contact Mandy Rigault on 01865 343167.


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