Time to review the drink drive law: RoSPA

10.30 | 5 February 2010 |

RoSPA says that the number of people caught drink-driving over the festive period confirms the need for the North Review, which is now underway.

7,638 drivers were arrested after breath tests in England and Wales between December 1, 2009 and January 1, 2010. RoSPA says that although the figure is 16.51% lower than the previous year, it demonstrates that far too many drivers are still putting themselves at risk.

3% of all drivers tested were over the limit, but the percentage rose to 4% for drivers under the age of 25, and to 7% for drivers involved in a collision. The Association of Chief Police Officers published figures showing that 223,423 drivers were tested during the Christmas period.

Kevin Clinton, RoSPA’s head of road safety, said: "The figures once again show action is needed to change the behaviour of a stubborn minority who continue to drink and drive despite years of education and enforcement campaigns."

Sir Peter North is inviting all interested groups and individuals to submit their views by 22 February. Click here for more information.


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