Toolkit launched for company drivers

09.06 | 24 June 2011 |

A new online solution that allows businesses to manage their duty of care towards employees who drive for work has been launched.

The Business Driving Toolkit has been created by RoadSafe and Essential Risk Consultancy (ERC). It is designed for use by HR departments, fleet managers, senior management, and transport managers.

The toolkit provides an online assessment that allows organisations to audit their company risk profile for at-work drivers. It then creates detailed action plans tailored to the specific business and clearly prioritising the employee and fleet issues that need to be dealt with first.

David Faithful, lawyer for ERC, said: “The toolkit answers a very specific need. Most organisations have invested in employee-led solutions, but the law requires a company-level assessment. We want to see best practice in every organisation leading to a reduction of at least 5% in road accidents involving at-work drivers.”

Adrian Walsh, director of Roadsafe, says: “A third of road traffic crashes involve business drivers. Managing that risk is often left to fleet managers and the people element is ignored.

“We want HR and senior management to get involved and the toolkit is an easy way for them to understand what needs to be done and communicate it to their employees. Businesses don’t want to get bogged down in legislation so we have made it simple to comply.”

For more information contact Adrian Walsh on 07887552708.


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