Toolkit used to evaluate biker campaign

09.47 | 19 July 2011 |

The safer roads partnerships of South and West Yorkshire, and Humberside have used RoSPA’s ‘E-valu-it’ toolkit to evaluate the ‘Someone’s Son’ motorcycle campaign.

Launched in May 2010, Someone’s Son was developed independently of the THINK! Named Rider campaign, but it follows a similar theme and could be considered as the local equivalent to the national campaign.

The campaign seeks to humanise motorcyclists in an attempt to make drivers take extra care to look out for them. It focuses on collisions between motorcycles and other vehicles. In addition to this, the campaign urges riders to make themselves visible to drivers by wearing hi-vis clothing.

The campaign is data led and has used MAST, Mosaic and causation data to help deliver key messages to the right target audience at the right time.

A second wave of the campaign is currently underway and will continue into 2012. One of the key successes of the campaign is the pooling of resources and expertise across the Yorkshire and Humber region. This has enabled the campaign to continue to tackle a regional casualty problem during times of budget cuts.

Click here to visit the campaign website or for more information contact any of the project team members below:

Steve Betts – South Yorkshire Safer Roads.

Tanya Fosdick – Safer Roads Humber.

Dave Glanville – Safer Roads West Yorkshire.

Ruth Gore – Safer Roads Humber.


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