Training discount for young drivers

15.05 | 28 February 2011 |

Derby and Derbyshire road safety partnership is reducing the cost of Pass Plus for young drivers who attend a road safety workshop.

The £60 cut-price training is offered to 17 – 20 year olds, and the two hour evening workshop, which is free to attend, will be held in Derby, Chesterfield and Buxton.

Mike Ashworth, partnership chairman, said: “Life is tough for young drivers – on today’s busy roads one in five crash within 12 months of passing their test. Pass Plus training can help you stay safe and could drive down your insurance costs.

“Pass Plus training helps new drivers to cope with the challenges they’ll face on the road with greater confidence. Topics covered include motorway, town and country driving as well as night and all-weather driving.”

For more information ring 01332 641778 or email: trafficman&


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