TRF becomes ‘Centre of Excellence’

15.21 | 16 May 2011 |

To coincide with the launch of the Decade of Action for Road Safety, iRAP (the International Roads Assessment Programme) has appointed the TRF (Transport Research Foundation) as a new Centre of Excellence.

iRAP’s Centres of Excellence support the ongoing development and implementation of iRAP’s aim to prevent road crash deaths and serious injuries and to generate wider community benefits.

John Dawson, iRAP chairman, said: “The TRF enables world class research on transport and safety problems not least in low and middle income countries. Over the last decade its research laboratory, TRL, has worked with other global research centres to support the advances made by iRAP.

“I am delighted, as the Decade of Action begins and the pace of our programmes accelerates globally, to be able to appoint TRF as one of just a handful of Centres of Excellence worldwide.”

Susan Sharland, TRF chief executive, said: “This agreement will enable co-operation and collaboration for road safety. We support the Decade of Action and fully endorse iRAP’s vision of a world free of high risk roads. In the last decade our research has helped build the measurements of safety that iRAP uses. Now we look forward to helping new countries, particularly in the Middle East and Africa, develop programmes, as well as continuing to help with research.”

For more information about the new iRAP Centre of Excellence contact Becky Hadley on 020 7808 7997.


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