TRL launches MAAPcloud

12.00 | 24 January 2013 |

TRL has unveiled a new version of MAAP, “the world’s most widely used off-the-shelf road traffic collision data software.”

According to TRL, MAAPcloud provides a better fit with today’s technological environments, and offers additional capabilities for the road safety professionals who use it.

Instead of hosting applications and data on an individual desktop computer, everything is hosted in the ‘cloud’: a collection of computers and servers accessed securely via the internet or a private network.

MAAPcloud has been designed to allow flexible deployment: police forces, local authorities and other road safety stakeholders can share a system and therefore reduce costs. This creates opportunities for cross-border and regional collaboration, further reducing costs to individual authorities and enabling data sharing, claims TRL.

On 19 March, TRL will be hosting an event to showcase the product to road safety professionals . Attendance is free and places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Click here for more information about MAAPcloud or to register for the event.


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