Tyre blowouts: a thing of the past?

13.33 | 5 May 2011 |

A device has been designed to eradicate tyre blowouts on trucks and buses by detecting bulges while the vehicle is in transit (MotorTradeNews.com).

If the transport industry embraces the newly patented device, it is hoped that it could eliminate the 23,000 accidents that tyre blowouts cause annually.

The device detects bulges in tyre sidewalls and on the ground engaging surface, by using a steering mechanism mounted shroud which closely follows the profile of the tyre. When a bulge occurs on a rotating tyre, it makes contact with the shroud, triggering a sensor to alert the driver.

Eamon Smyth, developer of the device, said: “About seven years ago my wife was injured in an accident with a truck which had suffered a blow out. Around the same time I was inspecting one of my own trucks, which was virtually brand new, and I found a significant sidewall bulge on one of its tyres.

“But for a chance inspection, this too could have caused a blow out. That’s when I realised that there was a need for a simple, reliable mechanism to warn drivers about unseen tyre damage.”

Click here to read the full MotorTradeNews.com report, or for more information contact Eamon Smyth.


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