TyreSafe wheels out giveaways

14.25 | 9 September 2010 |

TyreSafe, a non-profit organisation responsible for raising awareness of the importance of safe tyres, is making a range of resources available FOC as part of Tyre Safety Month (October 2010).

Building on last year’s campaign, Tyre Safety Month 2010 will focus on family audiences, highlighting the simplicity of checking tyre tread depth with a 20p coin.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, said: “Last year we introduced the 20p test which gives drivers a really quick and simple way to check if their tyre tread is safe and legal.

“We received fantastic feedback from the campaign so this year we have developed it further to specifically target families where many still do not realise just how simple and important tread depth checks are.”

Materials available include a selection of posters, leaflets, website banner ads and a DVD giving an entertaining guide on how to perform the 20p test.

Stuart Jackson added: “The memory of being stranded in their cars during the bad weather last winter is still very fresh in the minds of many families.

“Tyre safety month will provide garages with a timely opportunity to remind drivers about how simple and important it is to make sure that their car has sufficient tread depth for the wet weather to come.”

For more information about the campaign visit the TyreSafe website  or ring 0845 301 6852.


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