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12.00 | 3 September 2012 |

Less than a year after it launched, ‘CrashMap.co.uk’ has been updated to include the latest Government data on road crashes and new features to help community groups and campaigners.

CrashMap receives up to 16,000 searches a day from members of the public and local campaign groups keen to understand the road risk in their communities. CrashMap also has around 4,500 registered user accounts for those who want to download detailed collision reports.

Dan Campsall, one of CrashMap’s founders, said: “The Government recently reported that road deaths and serious injuries had risen in 2011 after years of continuous improvement.

“Community leaders and campaign groups are rightly concerned about this, but they also need the information to help them engage at a local level and ensure that new measures are introduced to protect vulnerable road users.”

One of the new features is an updated search facility that allows users to focus on crashes that involved vulnerable road users. The option to only look at collisions involving a child, pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist is designed to be of benefit to those with a particular interest in improving safety for these groups.

In another change, CrashMap is now offering free access to full reports to road safety charities as part of its commitment to improve safety for all.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake, the road safety charity, said: “CrashMap is an incredibly useful tool for communities and organisations working to prevent devastating casualties and make our roads safer for everyone.

“Brake supports communities campaigning for safer roads, so we know how important it is they can access information on the crash history of their area.”

For more information contact Dan Campsall on 07967 446506.


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