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12.00 | 20 July 2012 |

The Road Safety Knowledge Centre has benefited from a number of enhancements which went live in the past few days.

Launched in September 2010, the ‘Knowledge Centre’ is a comprehensive online directory of road safety information and resources. It is owned and managed by Road Safety GB and financially supported by Colas.

Access to the Knowledge Centre is free of charge and available to all. There are currently 2,935 subscribers, 412 member organisations, and 1,702 items listed in the Knowledge Centre.

The Knowledge Centre received a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in December 2011.

Perhaps the most significant enhancement is to the Help Forum within the Knowledge Centre. The Forum has proved extremely popular with subscribers, with 253 requests for help generating 1,060 responses. On average, each help request generates a little under four responses.

Previously all the help requests were presented in one area, archived by date, which meant that a subscriber had to trawl through all responses to see if their request had already been made and answered.

Now, the help requests are archived by topic (drink driving, children etc) which makes it much easier to check previous requests.

Other enhancements include listing the most read submissions, and giving subscribers the opportunity to provide a simple review of any items they have used.

The Knowledge Centre has also had a facelift to bring it into line with the new-look Road Safety GB website, which went live in April 2012.

Nick Rawlings, Knowledge Centre project manager, said: “We’re delighted with the Knowledge Centre’s progress. On average, around 800 subscribers use the Knowledge Centre each month, between them making around 2,000 visits.

“The changes we’ve made to the Help Forum make it much easier for subscribers to research previous requests and answers before posting their own request – and to avoid duplication of requests.”

For more information about the Knowledge Centre contact Nick Rawlings on 01379 650112.


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