Using a mobile phone at the wheel ‘utterly shameful’

09.26 | 15 February 2018 |

Drivers in Northern Ireland are being warned that there is no hiding place for those caught using a mobile phone at the wheel.

Through a new video campaign, the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) is aiming to get across the message that using a phone while driving is ‘utterly shameful’ – and that the consequences of doing so ‘can destroy lives’.

Set in a police station, the video starts with a cocky young man denying using his mobile phone at the time of a collision, in which two brothers were killed.

Through a video taken by his girlfriend – and by checking his mobile phone records – officers prove that the driver was using his device, in turn charging him with death by dangerous driving.

The DfI hopes the video demonstrates that the police will carry out a forensic investigation of phone activity and use it as evidence in cases involving road death – meaning ‘you’ve no hiding place if you kill with a phone’.

The video forms part of the DfI’s ‘Share the Road to Zero’ campaign, a road safety community engagement programme with one ambition – zero road deaths in Northern Ireland.

Share the Road runs on the premise that every road death is one too many and that all road users – drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders – should take personal responsibility to behave appropriately.



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