Viral film takes novel approach

00.00 | 30 November 2011 |

A film that takes an unusual approach to communicating a road safety message to young people was launched last week on YouTube.

The film, which is aimed at young drivers and their passengers, has no script, no professional actors, no crashed cars, and no bloodied crash victims.

Instead it features an ordinary young couple, who filmed the majority of the footage themselves using mobile phones.

The film has been made as part of the annual ‘For my girlfriend’ (FMG) campaign, which asks young men to take care of their female passengers. More girls aged 17-19 years die as passengers than as drivers, and the reverse is true of young men of the same age.

The film does not apportion blame, or even explain what may or may not have happened.

It simply reminds young people of the potentially tragic consequences when things go wrong on the road.

Jo Lazar, FMG campaign organiser, says: “There’s no point in preaching to young people about road safety, or telling them what they should or should not do – they won’t take any notice.

“Our film leaves it to them to decide what may or may not have happened, and simply reminds them of the potentially terrible consequences if things go wrong.

“The film has been created on a modest budget – it cost around £6,500 to make – and by publishing it on Youtube we hope to get it seen by as many young people as possible.

“We will also get feedback direct from viewers as to what they think of the film.”

To see the film go to

For further information contact Jo Lazar on 01379 650112.


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