Wales progresses its default 20mph limit

12.06 | 27 June 2022 |

Image: Welsh Government

Road Safety Wales says the laying of legislative order marks an important milestone in the country’s efforts to make 20mph its default speed limit.

The change, which is anticipated to be introduced in September 2023, will see the speed limit on restricted roads across Wales reduced from 30mph to 20mph.

The aim is to bring about a reduction in road collisions and their severity, while creating more opportunities to walk and cycle in communities.

The plans will apply to roads where street lights are no more than 200 yards apart, usually seen in residential and built-up areas.

As part of preparations, eight pilot areas were selected as a representative sample of different locations found across Wales.

The focus of these is community engagement, the development of enforcement arrangements and overcoming any unforeseen issues before the full rollout.

The laying of the legislative order allows a vote to take place in the Senedd – expected to be on 12 July.

The results of a public consultation, published in May, suggests views are split on the move.



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