Warning for ‘text and drive’ motorists

13.41 | 2 November 2010 | | 1 comment

Many drivers still believe they can drive safely while texting, despite tests which prove that it is ‘almost impossible’.

XPI Simulation, designer and manufacturer of advanced simulator technology for training applications, has launched a new software module which measures how SMS-text distractions affect driving ability.

The tests are carried out under normal driving conditions and then repeated while asking the driver questions by text message. The results then compare driving skills with and without texting.

Alan Davenport, XPI managing director, said: “The results speak for themselves. The simulator proves that it is almost impossible to control the car well while concentrating on the mobile phone.”

For more information contact Alan Davenport, or visit the XPI Simulation website.


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    We have just purchased this addition to the XPI Drive Simulator and find it very good. It does not go out to make drivers crash, but shows how your driving skill depreciates while using.

    Not a big fan of the Roman numeral questions as none of us know them, so when you send your answer you get marked down on the drive, if incorrect.

    You do a normal drive, and are scored out of 100, then the same drive and use a keypad to answer question that appear on the left screen in the way of a text message. Again you are scored out of 100 and every one in the office who tried it while we were getting used to it scored well below their original driver score.

    Santa’s little helper, Rochdale
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