Warrington’s SCPs celebrate Diamond Jubilee

12.00 | 7 June 2013 |

Warrington’s school crossing patrols (SCPs) celebrated the service’s Diamond Jubilee on 1 June with afternoon tea and presentations by the mayor at the Town Hall.

The patrols were presented with a commemorative jubilee certificate and badge along with a gift comprising a hi-viz safety bag with new uniform, led lights, thank you card and an edible lollipop.

Presentations on the day included a brief history of the patrol service; what sort of person makes an SCP; the make-up of the service in Warrington; examples of work submitted from school pupils; and a brief outline of who each patrol is, their site and length of service.

Local schools contributed to the celebrations in various ways including comic strips, thank you cards, prayers, letters to council members, descriptions of what they see when they cross the road, and various models including a larger than life replica of one of the patrols.

The mayor was so impressed by the pupils’ work that he has requested a full display prior to the next council meeting to allow all council members to see what they produced.

For more information email Melanie McHale, Warrington Borough Council, on: mmchale@warrington.gov.uk


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