“We know that effective motorcycle helmets save lives”

10.22 | 6 December 2023 | | 1 comment

A new partnership has been launched to stimulate a global push for the greater availability of safe, affordable motorcycle helmets.

The Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety (the Alliance) and Uber warn that motorcyclists account for 28% of all road traffic fatalities worldwide and that motorcycle deaths are increasing around the world. 

The partnership says increasing helmet use cannot simply be achieved through educating riders on the safety benefits of helmets – it requires comprehensive laws and mandating the correct use of helmets, combined with enforcement and promotion of the law.

With support from Uber, the Alliance will convene a global working group of road safety experts that will develop tools to support the uptake of safe, affordable, effective helmets.

The partnership adds the correct use of quality helmets can reduce the risk of dying in a crash by 42% and reduce the risk of a head injury by 69%. 

It estimates that as motorcycle usage continues to rise significantly in low- and middle-income countries, increasing helmet use will help to reduce the 1.3 million deaths that occur on the world’s roads every year.

Lotte Brondum, executive director of the Alliance, said: “We know that effective motorcycle helmets save lives.

“NGOs have an important role in pushing for helmet laws and enforcement, ensuring that helmets are affordable, available, and fit for purpose, and raising community understanding of why these laws are needed.”

Kristin Smith, global head of road safety policy at Uber, said: “We are proud to support the Alliance in the formation of a global working group to address the issue of helmets for the growing number of two and three wheelers. 

“We hope to leverage our scale to improve helmet use and motorcycle safety on and off the platform.”



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    It is 50 years since it become compulsory to wear a helmet on a motorbike in the UK. In the rashness of youth I remember arguing then that it was a nanny state decision to “protect” motorcyclists from their free choice whether or not to wear a helmet.
    But making good helmets much cheaper is a very worthy objective and should improve take-up amongst poorer nations/non-nanny states.

    Riding a motorbike with the wind in your hair is a great experience – until you hit the road of course!

    Pat, Wales
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