Website enables drivers to compliment, complain or corroborate

12.00 | 25 July 2012 | | 1 comment

A website which acts as a medium for drivers to communicate with one another has been created “to make roads safer.”

The website, ‘’, encourages drivers to compliment, complain about, or corroborate with each other – claiming that good drivers welcome constructive comments.

By entering a vehicle registration into a search box users can see if any comments have been posted about that particular vehicle. Subjects range from road rage and speeding to ‘funnies’.

David Booth, creator of, says: “The site has been created due to my dismay at the number of people prepared to park on zig-zag lines outside local schools and speed along the adjacent roads.

“I have recently entered into dialogue with Louise French, the police liaison officer for Wales, regarding the scheme. I have also advised every MP in the country of our existence.

“There is no hidden agenda here and the site has been funded in its entirety by myself; it is truly altruistic and totally free to use. The information needed to post is minimal so there is no ‘data harvesting’ agenda, which seems to be a large concern.”

On the topic of road safety, the website says: “Although there are many possible uses for enquiry and communication on the website, it has been predominantly designed with road safety in mind.

“Without doubt, peer pressure has a powerful influence on a driver’s actions. The majority of drivers wish to be seen as in control, and a comment on excessive speed, wrong lane or jumping traffic lights, focuses a drivers attention on the safety aspect of his actions on the road.

“You, as a fellow driver, cyclist or pedestrian can provide that positive peer pressure.

“Monitor your own driving with a registration search and be alerted if you receive a comment. You can respond and debate observations that have been posted. Log on to ‘’ and leave your comments on drivers who compromise road safety.

“Good drivers should be rewarded with complimentary posts. Constructive comments, focused on road safety, promote driver awareness to their own actions, subsequently improving road safety.”

Click here to visit the website.


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