Wheels keep turning for retired RSO

12.00 | 27 March 2013 | | 4 comments

Roy Buchanan, former road safety officer and keen motorcyclist, has penned a feature length article in the April 2013 issue of The Classic MotorCycle magazine.

Roy, whose career included a spell with the Met Police’s Traffic Division and 16 years as the London Borough of Sutton’s RSO, retired in May 2011.

When in post, Roy was a regular contributor to this newsfeed, usually on the subject of motorcycling or roads policing; he never shied away from expressing his views and participating in passionate debate.

When he retired, Roy said that he hoped to return to journalism – his evening job in the 1970s – and The Classic MotorCycle feature indicates that he has realised this ambition.

In the feature, Roy reflects on the impression left on him by the motorcycling memoirs of Roy K. Battson as recounted in his book The Land Beyond The Ridge. The author speaks affectionately about biking in the 1920s, the “Golden Decade” for motorcyclists, and recounts “60 years of the finest hobby man can have”.

The April issue of Classic MotorCycle magazine is on sale now at WH Smiths and other outlets (£4.10) – or you can purchase it online (£2.99): http://www.pocketmags.com/Default.aspx


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    Here’s a link to a letter published by “T.C.M.”, alluding to Mr. Buchanan’s article and Mr. Battson’s book-


    Mike, Wirral
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    Roy Buchanan’s piece in “T.C.M.” is a wonderful, evocative article. I’ve photocopied extracts and pinned them to my works notice board. A pity I can’t find a copy of “The Land Beyond the Ridge” for less than £60 plus postage, but I’ll keep looking…

    Mike, Wirral.
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    An interesting figure crops up in this book. During the “Golden Decade” (the 1920s), 40% of vehicles were motorcycles. I do not know what percentage of accidents involved motorcyclists at that time. I seem to recall when I was in post, the figures were 1-2% of vehicles are PTWs and they are involved in 20% of incidents. I would research this myself but I am too busy out on my motorbike, dodging the accidents.

    Incidentally, I bought this book for £3 in a second hand book shop many years ago. It is now a collectors item and sells for anything between £130 to £150. Are there any rich RSOs still in post?

    Roy Buchanan Epsom
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    I locked horns with Roy on a few occasions but in general we agreed upon many issues as we span a similar time frame and experience on bikes (I think he is a few years older…. and perhaps wiser than me). I look forward to reading the article.

    bob craven Lancs
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