“Where will your tyres take you today?”

11.30 | 26 March 2024 |

TyreSafe has launched a new campaign to encourage motorists to ‘ACT’ now and perform regular tyre checks this Spring.

The campaign is underpinned by ‘alarming statistics’, which TyreSafe says show ‘152 people are killed or seriously injured in accidents related to defective tyres every year’ – a figure ‘on par with mobile phone-related incidents’.   

Meanwhile, more than six million tyres in the UK have illegal tread each year, risking fines of up to £2,500 per tyre and three penalty points.

TyreSafe’s Spring campaign plays on the sense of adventure and exploration that comes with the warmer weather, and with that an increase in road trips and days out. 

The campaign uses the A.C.T acronym – ‘Air pressure, Condition, Tread’ – to give a practical and accessible means to performing checks without the need for special equipment. 

TyreSafe says by taking proactive steps to maintain tyre safety, motorists can prevent accidents, breakdowns, and unnecessary expenses.

Stuart Lovatt, TyreSafe chair, said “Springtime brings adventure, and we want to ensure motorists don’t let tyres ruin their big day out. 

“Whether it’s a family trip to the beach, a staycation, or even packing up the car and heading to the airport, tyre safety is paramount in making sure people get out and about this spring without a hitch.”



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