Widened footpaths to help social distancing in Hackney

10.45 | 4 May 2020 |

Hackney Council has widened footpaths and suspended parking at seven sites where residents are experiencing difficulties with social distancing.

The move, which impacts a number of supermarkets in the borough, is the first part of a package of emergency measures also designed to improve road safety.

The council hopes the widened pavements will make it easier for residents to maintain social distancing while walking for daily exercise or obtaining essential items, such as food and medicine. 

It is also temporarily restricting parking on Broadway Market and closing it to through-traffic, a move designed to improve pedestrian safety.

Cllr Jon Burke, cabinet member for transport and public realm, said: “As the ‘lockdown’ period comes to an end and movement is relaxed, it will be more important than ever to enable people to social distance safely, both from the coronavirus and its indirect effects, such as the serious deterioration we’ve witnessed in driver behaviour. 

“That’s why, alongside these initial emergency measures to widen pavements and pedestrianise a busy shopping area, we are also working on wider measures aimed at increasing Hackney’s existing 120 modal filters, to ensure that we protect our residents from the coming road safety and air pollution emergency should we fail to act.”



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