Winter weather increases collision risk, warn police in Wales

12.00 | 19 October 2017 | | 1 comment

Police in North Wales have offered a seasonal warning to road users, highlighting the need to ‘brighten up’ as darker mornings and evenings approach.

29 October marks the end of British Summer Time and North Wales Police is particularly keen to remind vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, to take extra care.

North Wales Police says longer periods of darkness and poorer weather conditions increase the risk of being involved in a road traffic collision – and has published a series of tips to help all road users remain safe.

Officers will be carrying out roadside checks, specifically looking at whether tyres have sufficient tread and are inflated to the correct pressure, that lights are working properly and washer fluid is topped up.

Officers will also be using social media to highlight key safety messages using the #StaySafe and #BeVisible hashtags.

Inspector Dave Cust, North Wales Police Roads Policing Unit, said: “Now that the clocks will be going back and it’s getting darker earlier on, it’s more important than ever to make sure you can be seen when you’re out and about near roads.

“The longer periods of darkness in the mornings and evenings, as well as poorer weather conditions, mean the risks of being involved in road traffic collisions are heightened.”

“This is all part of our commitment to improving road safety and prevent further tragedies on our roads and we are urging all road users to share in the collective responsibility to keep our roads safe.”

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    Cyclists and pedestrians to take extra care…I wholeheartedly agree.

    When it comes to drivers then the motorist should not only slow down but give greater safe distance and then they and all other road users will benefit from that space given as they can see and be seen more.

    Simple advice but once again not given. At all. When will the authorities get it right and see that it’s not just speed but safe distance that is a necessity.

    As I have said before the giving of safe following on distance, otherwise known as safe space, and in closer traffic conditions the full stopping distance, is the basis and cornerstone of all advanced driving/riding. Positioning is vitally important for safety and that includes the space not only close around and behind us, but of space in front of us and the improved ability that it gives to see more and be seen by more. Space that we can maintain is always of paramount importance. The Police Roadcraft Manual refers to it on at least on 12 separate occasions in that one publication alone. So it’s about time that the powers that be, including training bodies, accept the dangers that exist by not committing to these safer driving margins and do better. We need to do better than the latest THINK campaign that showed the contents of a room being rained upon, and therefore getting wet and that one should give twice as much space, and then left it at that. Never mentioned the problem when it’s not raining but the road surface was wet as that is even more dangerous.

    Bob Craven Lancs
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