Young Marmalade receives Prince Michael Award

12.12 | 20 November 2009 |

Young Marmalade, the combined car purchase and insurance scheme for young drivers, was presented with a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award at the Road Safety GB Conference on 13 November.

The awards, which are managed by RoadSafe, give public recognition to those that have improved road safety in Britain, and it is rare for a private company like Young Marmalade to win one.
Adrian Walsh, director of RoadSafe, who presented the award said: "High insurance premiums are often a barrier to young divers being able to drive modern safe cars; this excellent scheme overcomes this and reduces their risk even further with additional supervised training after the test."

Young Marmalade provides a scheme which sells young people a new or nearly new car combined with low cost insurance in return for them certain meeting safety requirements for example, having done Pass Plus (or an equivalent) or having 12 months of no claims bonus.
For further information contact Hannah Kidson on 020 7482 8857 or go to: 


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