Safe driving for life – Helping you stay safe on the road.

TSO is the official publisher for the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency. We produce learning materials from the bestselling Highway Code to high-quality e-learning resources for all road-users. Visit our Shop for the official DVSA learning resources to pass your driving tests and keep your road safety knowledge up-to-date.

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Address: TSO Ltd, PO Box 29, Norwich, NR3 1GN

GEM Motoring Assist | Driving resources

GEM Motoring Assist produces a range of road safety leaflets available free of charge to road safety officers and members of the public alike.


Good Egg Guide for Parents of New Drivers

These guides are very popular with students, parents, ADIs and road safety professionals.


Good Egg Guide to Cycling for Families

Top tips for all the family, covering all levels of cycling experience.


Good Egg Guide to Older Persons Road Safety

Tackling the thorny issue of whether some older drivers are still ‘fit to drive’ is never easy. This positive and easy-to-read resource recognizes that mature drivers are statistically no more likely to crash than their middle aged counterparts.


Knowsley Pedestrian Training DVD For Parents

Knowsley’s Road Safety Team have produced a pedestrian training DVD for parents. It encourages them to protect their young children from the dangers of traffic and shows them the best way to improve their child’s roadside skills.


Older Driver Resources

These resources are aimed at the relatives of older drivers who are concerned about an older relative/friends driving.


Puffin Crossing Leaflet

This leaflet outlines the benefits to pedestrians and drivers of the change from Pelican to Puffin Crossings. It also explains how to use Puffin crossings safely.


Safe driving and riding for life

TSO is the official publisher for the Driving Standards Agency, producing a range of best-selling books, CD-ROMs, DVDs and downloads for all road users.


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