Vysionics ITS

Vysionics ITS, the world leader in average speed enforcement, has delivered more than 280 SPECS installations around the UK and offers exciting options including SPECS3 POD (portable outstation device) and SPECS-RD (rapid deployment). These developments offer cost effective and flexible solutions, allowing average speed enforcement to be applied over a wide area.

T: 01276 698980 (John Piper) / E: info@vysionics.com


ALCOLOCK UK is a newly formed subsidiary of the Canadian company Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp (ACS), (www.acs-corp.com/) a global supplier of breath alcohol testing products, including alcohol interlocks. Originally designed for law enforcement, the ACS product range has expanded to serve the automotive, industrial, transportation and commercial fleet markets.

T: 07891 667047 (Richard Thomas) / E: rwthomas@acs-corp.com

Pocket Radar

Pocket RadarTM – mobile phone shape, size & weight radar “gun”. Very easy to use. Certified accuracy to +/- 1 MPH. ½ mile range. Same performance as professional radar guns at a fraction of the size and cost. KPH/MPH. Hard shell case, batteries and wrist strap included. £199 ex VAT

T: 01985 844 959 / E: info@barringtoninternational.co.uk

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