If telematics is one side of the coin, then behavioural driver training is the other

This presentation will introduce RoadHow, a new AI platform which assesses and improves driver roadcraft, thereby helping reduce accidents and make drivers and roads safer.

The creators of RoadHow say the platform can help fleet managers to meet corporate responsibilities, lower fleet costs, and become an employer of choice.

Adrian Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, RoadHow

Adrian Ryan is a serial entrepreneur with a career spanning corporate banking, digital marketing, clothing, IT, software, aviation, the music industry, cricket coaching services, the insurance industry, social media influencing, mapping technology - and even a stint in a successful band.

With an unrivalled passion for ‘just doing things better’, Adrian loves spending time with business leaders, investors, partners and customers in order to help nurture, guide and support management teams in the design and delivery of products, solutions, teams, services and outcomes (technology/ process/ commercial/ operational/ financial) that will truly benefit all involved.

In April 2019, Adrian set up new teams in the UK and India to develop RoadHow - a new technology platform for managing driving competence, connected to the insurance, fleet and personal driver markets. From a standing start the business now has a team of nearly 50 including leading industry players and is poised to deliver significant value to the market in 2022 and beyond.

A deal with Midven was secured in February 2021 to help drive the business forward, in what is an exciting space.