The Role of Driving Mobility Within the National Road Safety Framework

Annie Wallace-Stanley, Driving Advisor, Driving Mobility

This presentation will outline how Driving Mobility fits into regional road safety partnerships, providing medical fitness to drive assessments for all ages. It will cover the importance of conducting a holistic assessment with clinical input to assess physical and cognitive ability, indicating if medical conditions are impacting on a client's ability to drive safely, and whether adaptations are appropriate.

It will describe Driving Mobility's major programme of assessments on behalf of the DVLA, police, motability and health professionals such as doctors, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists as well as the pathway to accept self-referrals.

It will explain what an assessment comprises, why the clinical input is so important, and what this can deduce from the medical condition that a standard driving assessment drive may miss.

It will highlight the relationship between the cognitive findings and performance on the road, and how the overall picture helps monitor older drivers as well as drivers with progressive conditions.