What could a Road Collision Investigation Branch in the UK achieve? Learnings from the DfT & National Highways funded Road Collision Investigation Project

In June 2018, the RAC Foundation received almost half a million pounds of DfT funding (a sum which was match funded by National Highways) to pilot new ways of investigating road crashes.

Since then, the project has commissioned several studies and has developed and trialled, with several police force areas, a different approach to identifying and understanding common themes and patterns that result in death and injury on the public highway.

With the project due to complete in Spring 2022, this presentation will outline the learning that has come from the project to date and will discuss what a Road Collision Investigation Branch could seek to achieve if one were established in the UK.

Elizabeth Box, Head of Research, RAC Foundation

Elizabeth is head of research at the RAC Foundation, a transport policy and research organisation which explores the economic, mobility, safety and environmental issues related to roads and their users in the UK.

Elizabeth sits on a wide variety of government and industry expert panels and is actively involved in national level research and policy development. A transport planner by training, Elizabeth has an MA in Geography from Trinity College Cambridge, an MSc in Transport Planning from Oxford Brookes University and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transport.

Elizabeth currently project manages the DfT and National Highways Road Collision Investigation Project (RCIP) and is the Principal Investigator on the DfT, Road Safety Trust, National Fire Chiefs Council, Road Safety GB, RAC Foundation and Kent Fire and Rescue Service funded Pre-driver Theatre and Workshop Education Research (PdTWER) project as part of her doctoral studies at Cranfield University.