Introducing the Sixth Sense Gauge

The Sixth Sense Gauge (6SG) is an adjustable motion sensor, instantly able to detect and display, by sound and light, two forces simultaneously.

Police road accident stats reveal that a significant proportion still involve younger drivers; inexperience is a factor; ignorance is a factor; attitude is a factor; vehicle instability is a factor.

The 6SG is designed as an inexpensive catalyst to help instil a clear head, good technique and smooth driving – important when undertaking a task that carries with it risk . Driving in such a way that The Sixth Sense Gauge remains inaudible will do no harm.

Mike Knight

Mike Knight’s CV in respect of driver safety comprises a 35-year career owning and instructing at his Winfield Race schools based in France.

Having raced himself at a very young age, after taking a course with the best school there was at the time, Mike came to recognise that without understanding how to stabilise a car you get nowhere, and do so dangerously. He also realised that of the thousands of drivers he saw at his racing schools, very few instinctively knew how to do this.

A cheap motion sensor was a practical option that became an inexpensive possibility with the advent of the accelerometer. It is adjustable and can illustrate when excessive vehicle 'roll' is being caused by the driver, with the capacity to cause carnage.

After many years of experimentation and encouragement from a number of experts that the concept itself made sense, he came up with the Sixth Sense Gauge, which fits on the windscreen like the old-style sat navs.