How to raise standards across the UK transport industry

FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, is a voluntary accreditation scheme dedicated to raising standards across the road transport industry. With over 4,850 members across the UK and Europe, FORS is a well-established transport industry accreditation scheme encompassing all aspects of safety, efficiency and environmental protection.

Now in its 13th year, FORS continues to provide evolving best practice for transport operators of any size and vehicle make-up, including HGVs, vans, passenger carrying vehicles, powered two-wheelers and passenger cars.

This session will help you understand the basics of FORS and demonstrate how the scheme works. It will also include background information, such as how FORS is governed and what the benefits are to local authorities and fleet operators.

Paul Wilkes, Business Services Manager, FORS

Paul Wilkes is the FORS business services manager and is responsible for developing partnerships and commercial activities to support the growth of FORS.

With over a decade of experience in fleet management, Paul is particularly interested in how technology can be used to raise standards within the transport industry.