Why we are wasting our time with speed enforcement?

This presentation will provide a controversial but experience-driven explanation of how and why we are wasting time, effort and lives with speed-enforcement approaches.

This talk uses the experience from a series of attempts to get police to engage with a free, resource-negative, community-led and funded approach to reduce speeding. It looks at the chasm in attitudes between the police and the community they protect, and uses independent results to show how driver behaviour is the key to reducing fatalities from speeding, but how this is hindered while police enforcement apathy remains.

The technology is there but the desire is simply not. Instead, the talk presents the successes of district, local, and parish councils in owning the issue and changing driver behaviour directly.

Tim Gibbs, Founder & CEO, AutoSpeedWatch

Tim Gibbs has over 35 years' experience working in safety-related IT infrastructure projects in rail, aviation, and road transport.

He has been director of the Rail Business Unit at Praxis Critical Systems, and road and rail director at SEA, among others.

A serial innovator, Tim has created a network of low-cost community-owned speed cameras that allow the community to help solve the speeding problem they suffer through behavioural change.